Fortnite: Patch Notes for the 21.30 update – when does the summer event start?

Fortnite: Patch Notes for Update 20.40 - these are today's innovations

Epic Games releases the Fortnite update 21.30 as a download. The new patch was released during maintenance: The servers were temporarily offline yesterday morning. At this point we want to submit the patch notes later. The list of changes and innovations shows, among other things, that the summer event imminent in the battle royale shooter. According to Epic Games, it should be in the more information in the coming days give. With the update, the creators should have already uploaded the content for the celebrations. It is not yet clear when the event will be activated. But it doesn’t seem to last much longer.

Summer Event is starting soon

“It’s summer, but you’re missing the matching celebrations in the game? Don’t stress – they start in a few days this year! Keep an eye out for information about the celebrations this week,” writes Epic Games in the patch notes for Fortnite (buy now €17.99) updated 21.30. New is the first shot shotgun, which deals the most damage with the first shot after fully reloading. “Although the remaining three shots are not as strong as the first, the damage from all three cartridges is the same,” the developers add. An ammo gauge and the glow on the side of the gun show how many shots you have left.