Soulframe: Fantasy Game Announced by Warframe Creators – News

Soulframe: Fantasy Game Announced by Warframe Creators - News

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WarframeDeveloper Digital Extremes recently launched its in-house Tennocon 2022 not only insights into the upcoming expansions veilbreaker and The Duviri Paradox for the long-lived MMO, but also announced a new game.

So far there has not been more than one render trailer soul frame to see. The world mixes fantasy and sci-fi aesthetics, and a spiritual connection with animals seems to play a bigger role. Creative Director Geoff Crookes from the Canadian studio went into the role models for Soulframe:

With the world-building and themes of Soulframe, we look back at childhood favorites like The Neverending Story and elaborate fantasy worlds. Our team shares a great love for Miyazaki and Princess Mononoke, both of which consistently feature concepts of human-nature conflict, and we’ll be exploring much of this through our own lens, playing with ideas of exploration and restoration.

Like Warframe, the new action game should also be a free-to-play MMO. While more information about Soulframe will probably be a long time coming, the Video Game Awards Another new game to be unveiled in late 2022: A new third-person MMO, the Airship Syndicate (Darksiders Genesis, Ruined King – A League of Legends Story) developed using Digital Extremes.

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