Steam VR promotion brings popular VR games at the best price

Have you been looking for a few suitable ones for a long time? VR games? Or do you already have some games in mind that are currently on your wish list? Then you should grab it this week, because Steam is currently trumping with a sales campaign that focuses on VR games.

The so-called “Steam VR Action” has already started. In around a week do you get the opportunity Discounts on games bags that have to do with virtual reality.

And on top of that there is Free demos and new releases.

Which games are worthwhile in the Steam VR promotion?

There are definitely some great deals in there, but I was mildly surprised that the flagship VR title Beat Saber is not reduced. That’s a bit of a shame, but apart from that there are really a lot of games on offer. The selection is very large.

In my opinion, the absolute top titles that you should have on the screen as part of this campaign include the following.

VR games discounted up to 80% in Steam promotion:

VR games discounted up to 50% in Steam promotion:

You can also play free demos. Just visit the relevant one Page on Steam.

Here, among other things, “Compound” (retro shooter), Project Cars 2 (car racing game) or “QuiVr” (arena shooter). Just try them for free before you decide to buy.

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When does the Steam VR promotion end? All the VR action is from July 18 to July 25, 2022. It ends at 19 a.m. German time. Until then, you can look around in peace.

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Do you already gamble in virtual reality or is that not for you yet? Feel free to write it in the comments and discuss with us!