Stray: All Trophies Guide – All the achievements for the Platinum Trophy

Stray - Platin-Trophäe

The action adventure Stray from developer BlueTwelve Studio lets you one stray cat control who is trying to return to her family. The title can be played on the PS4 such as PS5. Accordingly, some are waiting PlayStation Trophies waiting to be unlocked by you.

In this guide article we will explain to you which tasks you have to fulfill in order to complete the game 100 percent. We will also provide you with the complete trophy list With all achievements to “Stray“ along with useful ones Tips and Tricks.

Stray: The Complete Cat Adventure Trophy List

Altogether there are in “Stray” 25 trophieswhich you must unlock to complete the game 100 percent to complete. Once you’ve earned all 24 trophies, you’ll finally get them Platinum Trophy. The breakdown of the PlayStation trophies is as follows:

  • 1x platinum
  • 7x gold
  • 9x silver
  • 8 bronzes

How hard is “Stray”-Platinum? In the cat adventure, with just 25 trophies, there are quite a few awards waiting for you to unlock. In addition, the challenge is very limited. The most important thing is that you walk through the game world with your eyes wide open various collectibles track down.

But how much playing time would that mean? The developer himself states that with around 8 hours of play time should be expected with “Stray”. The Gold Trophy Speedy Katzalo shows, however, that things can also go much faster. So if you’ve already played through the title once, the second round should be much faster.

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Stray: The Platinum Trophy

All German trophies for “Stray” on the PS4 and PS5 we have listed for you below:

  • All done – Unlock all trophies.

gold trophies

  • you can’t get me – Complete the first Zurk hunt without getting caught.
  • pacifist – Complete the Sewers without killing any Zurk.
  • Speedy Katzalo – Complete the game in less than 2 hours.
  • A stone’s throw – Reach the city center.
  • eye opener – Complete the game and open the city.
  • I remember! – Collect all B-12 memories.
  • badge – Collect all badges.

silver trophies

  • Pretty talkative – Meow 100 times.
  • Cat-a-desk – Jump 500 times.
  • Productive day – Sleep for more than an hour.
  • Cleverly rented – Go through the city center without being spotted by the guards.
  • Not alone – Meet B-12.
  • Al-Kat-Raz – Off to jail.
  • meowody – Bring all sheet music to Morusque.
  • Cat’s best friend – Cuddle with 5 robots.
  • territory – Scratch through each chapter.

bronze trophies

  • Boom Katzalaka – Sink the basketball.
  • no more life – Die 9 times.
  • scratch scratch scratch! – Scratch records in the club.
  • misjump – Falls in the city.
  • Speechless? – Have B-12 interpret a robot.
  • Curiosity kills the cat – Put on the paper bag.
  • cat-a-stanza – Try to play mahjong with the robots.
  • telecat – Flip through all TV channels.

Stray was released on July 19, 2022 for PS4, PS5 and PC. If you would like to learn more about the title, you will find all the important information on our topic page.