Streamer is ‘angry and sad’ as TwitchCon staffer breaks The Witcher cosplay’s sword

Streamer is 'angry and sad' as TwitchCon staffer breaks The Witcher cosplay's sword

German streamer Nika “team_nikachu” dressed up as Ciri from The Witcher and went to TwitchCon like that. The cosplay also included the matching sword, which was broken by an employee of the fair. MeinMMO tells you what’s behind it.

Who is the streamer?

  • Team_nikachu is still fairly new to Twitch and is one of the smaller streamers on the platform. So far, almost 500 people are following her and an average of 14 people are watching her.
  • Matching the cosplay at TwitchCon, she mainly plays The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on her channel. However, sometimes she also makes a detour to Horizon Zero Dawn or Fall Guys.
  • Team_nikachu reported in a stream from Arab how their cosplay sword got broken.
  • The streamer isn’t the only one who had negative experiences at TwitchCon. SkylineTVlive got banned from the house and a 14-day ban because he made a joke and JiDion was also kicked out because he was previously permanently banned from Twitch.

Don’t you know The Witcher yet? Then you can get an impression of the latest part here:

TwitchCon staffer vandalizes sword

How was the situation? TwitchCon took place on Saturday and Sunday, July 16th and 17th. On Saturday, streamer Arab met team_nikachu in Ciri cosplay and let them promote their channel (via Twitter). On Sunday he met her again, but without disguise. He asked her why she wasn’t wearing it anymore.

What did the streamer say? Team_nikachu said she went to the restroom to drink some water. “And then an employee from here came and he broke my sword,” she said.

Arab asked, dumbfounded, why the employee was doing this, but the streamer had no answer. Another person behind the camera asked if it was a mistake, but team_nikachu said no, going as far as saying, “No, I said, ‘Hey stop, this isn’t yours.'”

You can watch the entire clip here:

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She also revealed that she was “so angry and so sad” and cried after it happened. So the streamer didn’t want to appear in cosplay again on Sunday because it was too difficult for her.

Arab asked her if she could repair the sword. That’s probably not going to work, she replied. The weapon is so broken that it can only repair the damage at home.

“What a jerk,” cursed Arab, who could hardly believe the story, and continued, “We should have him fired.”

Why is that such a shame? Depending on how detailed she designed the sword, this can be a lot of work. Many cosplayers use modeling clay, expensive Worbla, Styrodur or wood for their accessories such as weapons or elaborate armour.

Everything is hand drawn, cut out and cobbled together before finally being painted. So it may well be that the TwitchCon employee just ruined 10 hours and more of work.

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