Will GTA 6 also feature three playable characters?

Will GTA 6 also feature three playable characters?

The frequency with which new, supposed leaks about the action game GTA 6 appear on the Internet is currently increasing. Just yesterday we reported on the supposed working title of the new GTA. Recently there was a leak, which revealed numerous details surrounding the game, including the “fact” that there are three playable protagonists in Grand Theft Auto 6 (be careful not to confuse this with this slightly older leak that claims there are two characters). From all appearances, the three heroes leak was – at least for the most part – about a fake.

Where does the fake claim come from?

The well-known industry insider and gaming journalist Jason Schreier recently spoke up via Reddit.com to respond to the detailed GTA6 leak – after he had already contradicted the alleged Assassin’s Creed leak. According to him, this specific inside information about Grand Theft Auto 6 is false. According to Schreier, GTA 6 is located (buy now €19.99) in a very early phase of development. Therefore, many aspects of the game are not yet set in stone, they are in a constant flux of change. According to Schreier, some of the points from the leak that are listed as facts Rockstar Games haven’t even made a decision yet.

Three playable characters again?

Particularly interesting: According to the leak denied by Schreier, GTA VI three playable characters offer, as was already the case in GTA 5. However, Schreier’s current information states ea different number of protagonists. However, Schreier did not disclose how many there are specifically. So are the siblings from an older leak still in the running? It is not possible to conclusively judge who is actually right. However, the leak mentioned at the beginning is now on Reddit.com disappeared and Jason Schreier has proven to be a reliable source on numerous occasions.

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