Windows 11: Update causes an endless loop

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The latest patch for Windows 11 causes problems for some users. Since update KB5015814 the system does not start or hangs in the start menu.


The last Windows update causes problems.
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Since the last Security update KB5015814 for Windows 11 some users report problems with their system. In some cases it’s the start menu that doesn’t want to work anymore, others are even of a never-ending nature Boot attempt loop affected.

Microsoft released the update on the last patch day and wanted to use it to solve problems with the Powershell framework and close some security gaps. Instead it came to installation problemswhich show the error codes 0x8000ffff, 0x8007007e and 0x80073701, or the errors just mentioned, about which among other things “beta news reported.

Microsoft does not currently offer a fix for the issues or a new version of the patch. Therefore only helps to uninstall the update manually, should you be affected by any of the consequences.

To do this, first open the settings menu and then the “Windows Update” area under “Update & Security”. There you look in Update history the entry for KB5015814. Then uninstall KB5015814 and then reboot the system.

Patch KB5015814: All new features in Windows 11 can be found here.

Windows update

KB5015814: This is what the Windows 11 patch will bring in July

Patchday is announced for Windows 11. You can find out which problems are fixed with KB5015814 in the following update overview.

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