WoW Shadowlands: Which pact for which class? 9.2.5

WoW Shadowlands: Which pact for which class?  9.2.5

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Updated 7/19/2022
Below you will find the current status of 7/19/2022 in WoW Shadowlands Patch 9.2.5. (via)

As soon as you have reached the maximum level 60 in WoW Shadowlands and have explored the new zones, you can join a pact. Each of the four Covenants offers their champions a base ability, a class-specific ability, mounts and cosmetic rewards, and access to a Covenant Sanctum that can be progressively unlocked through an epic campaign and other activities.

The pact choice depends, among other things, on which class or specialization you choose. But there are other factors at play in the decision. There are various Legendary Items, Soulbinds, enhancing mediums within the Soulbind, and the synergy effects among all these variables as well as in group play must also be considered if you are aiming for the optimum.

The following suggestions are of course non-binding, but show the approximate tendencies. The article is continuously updated and of course also serves as a basis for discussion!

WoW Shadowlands: Which pact for which class?

table legend
KYR = Kyrian
NEC = Necrolords
NF = night fae
VEN = Venthyr

A notice: The links in the table lead to the respective class’s Covenant Ability overview pages.

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