Aldi laptops: Medion Akoya E15410 and E14308 from July 28th

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For Office and PC entry

Aldi has new laptop offers in the branches at the end of July. We check the specs and prices of the Medion Akoya E15410 and E14308 models. Are the notebooks worth it?


The Medion Akoya E15410 will soon be available from Aldi Nord.
The Medion Akoya E15410 will soon be available from Aldi Nord.
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Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd will be available from July 28th new laptop deals in participating branches. On the one hand, the Medion Akoya E15410 is waiting at Aldi Nord, which is aimed at office users with its specs and a price tag of 499 euros. On the other hand, Aldi Süd has the Medion Akoya E14308 for 299 euros, which is suitable for web and communication basics with simple hardware. We present the devices and reveal which ones current alternatives would come into question, for which you do not have to wait another week or so.

Aldi and Alternative: Laptops under 500 euros

Of the Medion Akoya E15410 (MD63980) for 499 euros brings a 15.6-inch display with Full HD resolution, which is supported by a Intel Core i5-10210U (from 2019) with integrated GPU, 8 GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD. The quad-core with eight threads has good performance values ​​for standard tasks, but it is from 2019 and is therefore no longer an efficiency miracle in terms of battery performance. The manufacturer specifies this as 6.5 hours. The other equipment is sufficient: There are two ports each for USB Type C (+DisplayPort and charging function) and A, a network port and Windows 11 Home is preinstalled. HDMI, card reader, webcam as well Keyboard with numeric keypad complete the office package for telecommunications and desktop replacement.

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As an alternative, we are among others on these HP 250 for 475 euros at Amazon (Status: 10:55 a.m.) encountered one more recent i5 and an SSD that is twice as large shows. It’s even 25 euros cheaper than the Medion laptop, also has Windows 11 Home and the same display specs. Only a USB-C connector is omitted. This, in turn, can be easily solved in the home office with hubs.

Aldi and Alternative: Laptops under 300 euros

At Aldi Süd it works with that Medion Akoya E14308 cheaper and easier too. For 299 euros you get a 14-incher with Windows 11 Home (S mode) and even one Annual subscription to Microsoft 365. You operate the cloud office on a system with an AMD 3020e (two-core without multithreading from 2020) with an integrated GPU, 4 GB RAM and a 128 GB SSD. The S mode only allows store apps, but Windows can be switched to the classic version once. With more complex desktop programs, however, the performance quickly reaches its limits. After all, according to the manufacturer, the battery runs for 8 hours. An aluminum design and a concealable webcam are good features.

Let’s deduct the office extras, or if you don’t absolutely need them, we’re in Chromebook price range. With Google Docs and Sheets you use a free online office alternative. The slimmer “Chrome OS” operating system does not tire the equally poor hardware as quickly. Should it potentially remain Windows and is mobility secondary, this would be it HP 255 for 299 euros at Notebookscheaper one another alternative. Here you would have to buy Windows 11 and install it yourself. With a Ryzen 3 5300U, 8GB of RAM, and a twice the size SSD, there’s significantly more bang for the buck. If installing Windows is out of the question, the PEAQ C140V would be an option. But with a Pentium N 5030 you would be slower again.

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