Bungie: Studio is suing Destiny 2 players for $150,000

Bungie (Unternehmen) von Bungie

Anyone who plays online shooters like Destiny 2 and also streams the whole thing certainly wants to look particularly good. However, a streamer has repeatedly taken it too far – Bungie is now stepping in.

That reported including gamesindustry.biz. Accordingly, the well-known development studio behind Destiny 2 demands damages of 150,000 US dollars in a new lawsuit. The accused should also no longer be allowed to contact Bungie employees or other Destiny 2 players.

Destiny 2 players cheated and threatened Bungie employees

Specifically, it is about the streamer Luca Leone. He is said to have streamed his gaming sessions several times with cheats enabled. The use of cheats is a clear violation of the license agreement with Bungie. Of course, the studio banned Leine, but he simply set up new user accounts. He did this a total of 13 times, each time breaking the rules again.

He is also accused of threatening Bungie as a whole and the workforce. In tweets, he expressed a desire to “burn down” the studio’s office building. In addition, he is said to have posted tweets after the article that suggested the reading that the workforce could no longer feel safe because he wanted to move closer.

Finally, during the investigation into the Leone case, it emerged that he was a member of an online forum selling social media accounts and Destiny 2 emblems that you actually have to earn in-game. This is an “unauthorized commercial exploitation” of the game.

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Bungie again as a guest in court

It’s not the first lawsuit that the development studio has filed this year: it was only in June that it won a lawsuit against the cheat manufacturer Elite Boss Tech and was awarded $13.5 million in the process.

However, another claim of copyright infringement petered out due to a lack of evidence. In March, Bungie also sued YouTube for false copyright deletions.