Crazy game screenshots – fun with clipping errors, physics bugs & Co.

Crazy game screenshots - fun with clipping errors, physics bugs & Co.

from Thilo Bayer etc –
We present funny game screenshots from the PC Games Hardware forum, hardware that doesn’t look very good and curiosities from the net. Today there are new bugs, strange situations and easter eggs from current games.

Today we present you again funny pictures from the Screenshot thread with fail guarantee, who seems a bit asleep. Either all games have become bug-free and humor-free since this year, or you just forgot the thread for crazy games screenshots. We’re betting on the latter, so we’d like to remind you of the image thread at this point.

There is a thread on the Extreme forums that funny game screenshots contains. After the thread has been dormant for some time, it is now being filled more regularly again. We show some of the strangest pictures, there are more directly in the forum. Worth mentioning in the 3D-Center-Forum is the Thread about Easter eggs in games. Also, there is in the thread too supposedly ugly hardware to find many curiosities. Striking: pink-colored products can be found particularly often (which could be an indication of the high proportion of men in the forum), otherwise, as is often the case, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Many of the published images at least take some getting used to. In addition to the submissions in the forum, we also consider design monstrosities that we see at trade fairs and especially on Japanese websites such as PC Watch have spotted. You can see Easter eggs and texture fails for Rage, Battlefield 3 and more.

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