Destiny 2: This is how you effectively farm silver branches for the 2022 Solstice event

Destiny 2 Silver Branches

The 2022 Solstice Event has started in Destiny 2. Bungie has created a new and important material that you need to upgrade your event armor. We will therefore show you how you can quickly and effectively get the new silver branches that you also need for all other materials.

What are silver branches? Silver Branches are items players can obtain from all known activities. These are required to create the special Silver Ashes. This ashes will allow you to roll the stats of your new event armor to create your god roll armor.

This is what the silver branches look like

But not every player has time to slog through ten-minute strikes just to get hold of this precious resource. That’s why we’ve fished out a simple method for you to get the silver branches most efficiently without wasting time unnecessarily.

This is how you effectively farm silver branches

Which activity is suitable for farming? As xHOUNDISHx in his video determined that all of the activities that Bungie has engineered into Destiny 2 apply to farming. All also include the patrol events at the various destinations.

That means you don’t have to force yourself into tedious activities like the Vanguard Strikes or the Crucible, but can casually jump to any public event and treat yourself to 2-3 branches upon completion. But make sure you trigger heroic events, as they will give you more branches. Also note that you need to wear the event armor to get branches, you can’t do without it.

If you don’t know how to trigger a specific event on heroic, just check out this article on how to do it:

Which destination is the best? The ETZ on Earth is best suited. The size of the map ensures that many events start one after the other, giving you the opportunity to graze them piece by piece.

Destiny 2 EDZ Events
The blue checks with the white flower show you the events

In comparison, the EDZ also offers simpler events that are less time-consuming and ensure that you can collect a large number of resources in a few minutes. The landing zones are also positioned in such a way that you will be spawned close to most events.

Are there other methods? You can also take on Strikes, Gambit, or the Crucible to gain access to your branches. However, these methods are more time-consuming, since a round definitely takes longer than jumping quickly from event to event. However, you alone decide what suits you better and is more fun.

What do you think of the method? Do you maybe have a better one in stock? Then let the community and us know how you get your branches in the comments.