Diablo Immortal: New patch allows class changes – under certain conditions

Diablo Immortal (Rollenspiel) von Blizzard Entertainment

A new patch for Diablo Immortal now allows us to change our class at will. But there are certain conditions, such as the right level.

The fresh update is available today, so Diablo Immortal players can’t avoid it anyway. The requirements that still have to be met in order to change your class will be explained in detail in the course of a developer update on Blizzard’s website. We summarize the most important things below.

Diablo Immortal: How to change your class

If you want to give your character a completely new playstyle in Diablo Immortal, it’s worth changing your class from time to time. According to Blizzard, you keep “the majority of your previous progress”. To experience Sanctuary from a whole new perspective, you must first ensure that your infernal hero is at least level 35. If so, it’s worth visiting the Brazier of the Walking Flames in Westmarch.

Once there, it is possible to turn your axe-wielding barbarian into a magic-loving sorceress. Once every seven days you can change classes in Diablo Immortal. If you make a mistake, don’t worry: there is a one-time option to return directly to the previous class and thus avoid the seven-day waiting period. However, Blizzard emphasizes that a more frequent change is not in their interest.

Each time you select a new class for the first time, it is possible to choose your character’s appearance. In addition, your paragon trees will be completely reset. In addition, you will receive a so-called placeholder equipment. This is ranked at the same level as the equipment you last used for another class. Of course, clan, troop, and other group affiliations are retained, and the old equipment and some class-specific cosmetic items end up in your inventory or are saved until you return to the respective class.

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Other changes in the patch

In addition to what is probably the most important change for Diablo Immortal, there are also a lot of other innovations in the patch that are not to be despised. For example, the limited-time event Path of the Adventurer starts today, where you can earn gold, magic dust, and scrap materials for your heroic deeds in completing various tasks.

In addition, the new boss in Hell’s Reliquary, Gorgothra the Retcher, was announced, the next limited-time event (Hungry Moon) was already teased, and a new cosmetic set called Amber Blades was introduced. While half of the community should be happy about the new content, patches have also caused frustration among Diablo Immortal players in the past.

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