Diablo Immortal: New update brings class change, reliquary boss and more

Diablo Immortal class change becomes available for a character of level 35 and above.

Even if Diablo Immortal is heavily criticized by many players (and we warn against money investments in the test), there are just as many Hack&Slay fans who have fun with mobile slicing. The latter group should be happy that today, July 20, 2022, a new update has been released. In the following we present the highlight innovations.

Class change possible from now on

Diablo Immortal’s new class change offers the opportunity for a fresh start where you keep most of your previous progress. To rediscover Sanctuary with a different class, you must first visit the Brazier of the Walking Flames in Westmarch. The following rules apply to class changes:

  • The class change becomes available for a character from level 35.
  • You can change your class for free once every seven days. You also have a one-time chance to instantly switch back to your previous class and skip the seven-day waiting period. At this time, we have no plans to allow players to purchase more frequent class changes.
  • Whenever you choose a new class for the first time, you can choose your character’s appearance and your Paragon Trees will be completely reset.
  • When you select a class for the first time, you will receive placeholder gear. This has the same rank as the last used equipment of your last class.
  • Belonging to clans, troops and other groups is carried over.
  • Some class-specific cosmetic items and gear will not carry over when changing classes. The equipment you equipped for your previous class is available in the inventory. All cosmetic items from a class will be saved and become available again when you switch back to that class.
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Diablo Immortal’s class change becomes available for a character of level 35 and above.

Source: Blizzard

The Hero’s Path is new content for high-level Heroes that you unlock during the Frozen Tundra leg of the main quest. This path currently consists of four stages, two more are planned. Here you can put your skills to the test to achieve objectives that become increasingly difficult as the Paragon level increases. If you can prove you’re up to the task, a bounty of rewards await after completing each stage. These range from large sums of gold or platinum to Aspirant Keys and Legendary Emblems to the Glorious Voyage portrait frame.

From July 20 at 3:00 a.m. to August 3 at 3:00 a.m. server time, you can earn Gold, Magic Dust, and Junk Materials through the Adventurer’s Path. Completing enough tasks will also unlock milestone rewards:

  • Upon completion of eight tasks: 10 Contender Keys
  • Upon completing 16 quests: the Adventurer’s Laurels portrait frame
  • Upon completing 20 quests: a Legendary Emblem

Raid boss Gorgothra in Hell’s Reliquary

Gorgothra is the third Wrathspawn demon to haunt Sanctuary. She has won the respect of countless demons over the centuries, but she’s not above fighting either – her petrifying rays, caustic venom, and serpentine attacks eclipse the might of Lassal and Vitaath. Do you have enough demon slayer skills to survive Gorgothra’s wrath? Or will you become just another petrified corpse adorning their lair? Gather your group at the Reliquary of Hell. Gorgothra shows up on August 2nd.

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Source: Blizzard

Blizzard invites all brave adventurers to join us from April 29th. July, 3:00 am to August 1st, 3:00 am server time to help feed the hunger of the moon. If you meet the moon’s requirements, you will receive Moon Shardswho her against blessing can exchange. Once you’ve collected seven blessings, you’ll be in favor with the moon enough to exchange them for a random reward.

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