Discord will finally work on Xbox soon

discord and Xbox will soon go hand in hand. It can’t be long now before Discord calls and group chats really work on Xbox. That means the end of annoying dual-headset solutions and poor speaker sound is within reach. Then nothing stands in the way of proper crossplay with the appropriate voice chats.

Discord calling is finally coming to Xbox properly

That’s what it’s about: who on the PC with friends plays, most likely chats on Discord on the side. But who in crossplay also plays with people who gamble on an Xbox knows the problem: Because it No discord application on Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X yet or integration, only makeshift solutions can help.

This means that some people, for example, put on small in-ear headphones under headsets, only have one EarPod in them at a time, or run Discord on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone – what all extremely suboptimal works and is above all annoying for everyone involved. But the Luckily those days are now over.

discordDiscord and PlayStation Partner: What Does It Mean?

Discord is coming to Xbox! Microsoft is currently rolling out the first test runs. In plain language, this means that the first people can already try out how Discord works on the Xbox and whether there are any problems. However, the function is there only participants of the Xbox Insider program for the time being to disposal. Normally, however, it lasts longer than that a few weeks or a few monthsuntil such a feature also appears for the general public.

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This is how Discord should work on Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One

You need an iOS or Android device and the Xbox Mobile App. Unfortunately, Discord calls and chats still have to go through the Detour your phone or tablet to the Xbox will. Of course, you have to link the accounts for this, even if you have already done so. If you then start a call in the Discord app, you can transfer it to the Xbox at the touch of a button.

The whole also works with the desktop app or the web application, then you will receive a QR code to scan, which will open your Xbox app on your smartphone. In addition, you should also have one Prompt on the Xbox dashboard are displayed, which encourages you to try it out. There is one there too QR code to scan for Xbox and Discord apps on your iOS or Android device.

Of the big downer it remains of course that it still no real discord app on xbox are. You will still not be able to join Discord calls or group chats directly from your Xbox after the feature rolls out. Instead, you have to take the detour via the mobile app, but at least it works at all now.

Are you looking forward to it? How have you always solved the problem so far? What else do you wish for? Tell us in the comments!