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Of: Noah Struthoff

Amazon is one of the big players in the PS5 business in Germany. There is a replenishment here almost every week. How is it this week?

Update from 07/20/2022, 8:45 a.m.: Amazon is a really hot candidate today, Wednesday, and the drop is pretty much set. There was already the first false alarm at 8:45 am. The PS5 is usually available from 9 a.m., so in a few minutes the chances will increase sharply, keep an eye out and a quick finger. Be sure to check our ticker, which we update live.

Update from 07/19/2022, 4:35 p.m: The Prime Note on Amazon has reappeared! The Disc Edition along with the game Horizon Forbidden West got the hint. That points to a drop tomorrow, Wednesday. So keep a close eye on the retailer tomorrow from 9:00 a.m., because that’s when something will most likely happen at Amazon. This bundle is about:

Original report from 07/19/2022: Hamburg – When looking for the Sony PS5 in Germany, you inevitably come across Amazon. The mail order company regularly offers the console in large quantities and sells different bundles. In the last few weeks, Amazon has had replenishments almost every week throughout Europe. Germany was also supplied in abundance. But what about this week? We show you the current PS5 situation on Amazon at a glance.

Buy PS5: Drop chances at Amazon on Wednesday – Here are the chances

When was the last replenishment from Amazon? The last sale on Amazon Germany took place on June 29th. Since then, the console has still been sold on Amazon in France and the UK. Last week there was no drop at all in Europe due to Prime Day. That should change this week. Here are the most important links to Amazon:

What about new consoles? Very good! The Prime Notice for the Disc Edition + Horizon Forbidden West bundle has surfaced, ready for a sale on Wednesday, July 20th. In general, there should be sales on Amazon again throughout Europe this week.

Amazon sells the console every Wednesday between 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. So you should keep an eye on Amazon, especially during this period.

The PS5 was available on Amazon for Prime members
Buy PS5 from Amazon: location on 19.07. – Is the big drop coming on Wednesday? ©Sony

Buy PS5: Tips and tricks for buying a console from Amazon

You need to know: Amazon has some tips and tricks for buying a console. It is particularly important to know that Amazon only sells the console to Prime members. You must therefore have a subscription in the country in which you want to buy. Here you can do it for 30 days for free:

We have written down other important tricks and tips for you in our appropriate article. So you are well informed with every drop: Buy PS5 from Amazon: get consoles at home and abroad – all the tricks

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We summarize the general situation regarding the console in detail every day in our live ticker on the subject of buying PS5. You won’t miss a drop there.