Dying Light 2: Stay Human: Update brings clues to the first DLC

Dying Light 2: Stay Human: Update brings clues to the first DLC

The last update for the open-world battlefield Dying Light 2 had a lot to offer for dataminers. They found dialogue lines and assets that refer to the content of the upcoming DLC.

Dying Light 2 is a feast for gore fans and open world fans. The developers at Techland announced before the start of sales that the game will be supplied with new content over a long period of time – similar to what was the case with its predecessor.

What comes after the Nightrunner events?

With the new Nightrunner events, there was already a minor update for Dying Light 2, but many players who have already completely cleared out Villedor naturally long for a real expansion that offers a new setting and a continuation of the story.

Now resourceful data miners want to have found some speech lines and references to the content of the first story DLC in the code of the last update. It looks like Dying Light 2 is about to enter the age of gladiators.

Or rather, some small and one large battle arena come into play, which probably bears the sonorous name Opera Astrid. So Aiden will probably hire himself out as a cage fighter in the upcoming DLC ​​for Dying Light 2, hopefully that won’t be the only innovation planned for the paid update.

You can find more theories, some of which are a bit far-fetched, in the video attached here.


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