Final Fantasy XIV: Seasonal events in the ticker – This is coming up in the next few months

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Final Fantasy XIV has seasonal events that return around the same time each year, and special events such as collaborations with other games. This ticker collects the announced events and presents them along with their rewards.

It’s about these events: It is now common in MMORPGs for the developers to organize annual events that take place around Easter or New Year’s. FFXIV is no exception and also brings a number of its own “homemade” events to the table.

Most of these seasonal events bring new short quest lines and minigames that can be completed for rewards. In this ticker we tell you which events are coming up in the near future.

The ticker is regularly updated with new information. The most recent event will always be at the top.

Mog Mog Collection – July 25th through late August

This is the collection: During the event, players will be able to collect special Allagan Stones in various FFXIV instanced content, which they can exchange with the Traveler Moogle in the three starter cities.

You get the stones in the following content:

  • 7 stones per run: Monastery of Orbonne and Castrum Meridianum Praetorium
  • 6 stones per run: Leading Fire from Ridoranna
  • 5 stones per run: Rabanastre
  • 5 or 3 stones per run: The PvP Frontier (amount dependent on which battlefield is currently active)
  • 4 stones per run: Keeper of the Lake, Historical Amdapor, Haukke Mansion (Hard), Castrum Meridianum – Outer Area and Gold Gorge
  • 3 stones per run: Porta Decumana and Dzemael Keep
  • 2 stones: all Omega Raid content, Diamond Lightning – Unleash, Emerald Storm – Unleash, and Ruby Fire – Unleash
You can find the travelers mogs in these places.

Period: The event starts on July 25th and is expected to last about a month until the end of August. The end is on the day when patch 6.2 will be released, which is still unknown.

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These rewards can be worthwhile: During the event, you can exchange the stones you collect for a variety of different items, some of which are cosmetic and some have in-game uses.

Fans of cosmetic items can look forward to quite a long list of mounts and companions. These have been in the game for a long time, but the event is a good opportunity for new players in particular to get cool mounts. There is:

  • Ufiti (Mount) – 50 stones
  • Lunar Kamuy (Mount) – 50 stones
  • Elbst (Mount) – 30 stones
  • Bomb litter (Mount) – 30 stones
  • Gilfaxi (Mount)
  • Markab (Mount)
  • Rundlanner (Mount) – 30 stones
  • War Lanner (mount) – 30 stones
  • Tora-jiro (companion) – 7 stones
  • Hedgehog (companion) – 7 stones
  • Elvaan Puppet (companion) – 50 bricks

Also interesting for newcomers or veterans who didn’t feel like hunting high are the maps for bridle paths. These cost 10 stones per map and increase your mount speed in the respective areas they belong to.

Some items are also worth a lot on the market board. While their price is expected to drop drastically once everyone starts farming the new event, you can still grab a few copies of the items and save them for when it’s worth selling again. These include, for example:

  • Ufiti Horn – 50 stones
  • Elvaan Puppet – 50 bricks
  • Modern Aesthetics – Celestial Wings Magazine – 50 bricks
  • Piano roll from eScape – 50 stones
  • Ballroom Etiquette: Casual Poses – 30 stones

A special case are the Yellowed Mythic Leather Cards (x2), which are available for 30 stones. On the one hand you can also sell them on the market board, on the other hand you can use them to run the fun dungeon Euphoratron with your friends and acquaintances.

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These special cards guarantee that you get into the dungeon. On normal maps, the entrance only appears randomly. With a bit of luck, you can win large amounts of gil and valuable items in the Euphoratron.

The most expensive item in the list is the Demon Cube Earring (100 stones). While it has no stats or other benefits, it is a unique item. So if you like collecting rare things in FFXIV, you shouldn’t miss this piece.

The complete list can be found on the event page: Zur Mog Mog Collection.

Events until the end of summer

These events are also coming: You can also look forward to two more events until the end of the summer.

  • On the one hand, there is the “Moonfire Dance” summer event, which usually takes place in August.
  • On the other hand, FFXIV is celebrating the anniversary of the release of “A Realm Reborn” with the Festival of Rebirth. This usually starts after the fire moon dance and continues into September.

Experience has shown that the All Saints’ Day event for Halloween also comes in autumn, but this has been canceled in recent years or has been postponed to a different time. Don’t count on everything going according to the usual schedule this year.

As soon as the start times for these events are known, we will add them to this ticker.

At the end of August, players are preparing for update 6.2, which will bring the long-awaited island:

In the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV everyone wants a house – now they get an island like in Animal Crossing

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