Forza Horizon 5: Now you can race as Hot Wheels – News

Forza Horizon 5: Now you can race as Hot Wheels - News

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Since November 2021 is Forza Horizon 5 (in the test, grade: 8.0) available. The racing game from Playground Games doesn’t take itself too seriously anyway, but the first real DLC increases the level of absurdity significantly. The Hot Wheels DLCs should be well known to connoisseurs of the series and now the latest offspring of the series is also being supplied with one.

The developers promise some additional content for 19.99 euros. Above the clouds in Mexico, Hot Wheels Park features a number of new biomes, including the studio’s names of Giant’s Canyon, the tundra, and the forest canopy above Forest Falls. In the midst of these areas is the Horizon Festival, you race between them on Hot Wheels tracks. There are a total of 212 kilometers of new routes, from ice slopes to water slides to magnetic trains, everything is included.

With the Hot Wheels Academy, there is also a new level system on the slopes. As you level up, you unlock more rewards, events, and missions. You increase your Hot Wheels rank as you progress through the DLC story “A History of Speed”, which extends over five chapters. When you’re done with everything, you can put together your own events in the Event Lab from 80 different components.

A new mechanism was installed with the G-Forza to match the stunt mechanism and the magnetic tracks. According to Microsoft, this is a crosshair that changes depending on how your vehicle is turning and triggers new skills based on speed and inclination. And of course, new companions should not be missing either, Playground Games speaks of ten vehicles that are new to the Hot Wheels DLC. For example, after completing the expedition, you will receive the 2013 Hot Wheels Baja Bone Shaker. One You can find an overview of all toy cars and how to unlock them on

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