GTA 6: Development begins – Rockstar has 227 jobs to offer

Will GTA 6 feature three playable characters again?

Rockstar Games has arguably shifted up a gear in the development of Grand Theft Auto 6. As PCGamesN noticed, there are currently 227 job advertisements at the company, divided between its various studios. In the last few days alone there have been whole 70 new positions advertised.

Rockstar is boosting the development of GTA 6

The open positions cover many different fields of activity, such as mission design, vehicle physics, and game testers are also wanted. Some of these spots could also be filled for GTA Online, which Rockstar Games is still working on separately. For example, Rockstar San Diego is looking for an associate designer for open world events, which are plentiful in GTA Online.

In fact, there is no guarantee that these new posts have anything to do with Grand Theft Auto 6 at all. It could also be other projects that Rockstar Games is looking for new talent for. However, it has been reported that the company is currently fully focused on the new GTA offshoot, and other projects such as Grand Theft Auto 4 Remaster and Red Dead Redemption have been put on hold.
There will also be no more major updates for Red Dead Online, since Rockstar, as already mentioned, is initially based on GTA 6 (buy now €19.99) concentrated. So it is quite likely that the new employees will be hired for the new GTA offshoot.

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