If you want to get the most out of your champions in LoL, you have to buy items in the right order

If you want to get the most out of your champions in LoL, you have to buy items in the right order

League of Legends has a special interaction when it comes to purchasing items. If items contain special effects, they will be activated in the order in which they were purchased. So if you want to get the maximum out of it, you have to consider this factor or use a trick.

What’s the problem with the items? Some items in LoL have special effects, such as dealing additional damage or converting damage done into healing. And this is where it gets a bit complicated, because these effects activate in the order in which you bought the items:

  • If you buy Blade of the Ruined King first, the special effect “Basic Attacks deal 8% of the target’s current Health as bonus physical damage” activates first. Since this effect is based on the opponent’s current health, it makes sense.
  • But if you buy other items first, these effects will activate first. End of Wisdom does an additional 15-80 damage depending on your level. However, this effect reduces the opponent’s health percentage beforehand, thus reducing the effect of Blade of the Ruined King.
  • The difference per attack is small, but with each attack you lose some damage, which adds up in the end.

It is therefore important to buy the items in the correct order. The following applies: Percentage damage should activate first.

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You can use the buyback trick to get around the problem

What can you do if you got the wrong order? There’s a very simple trick: you travel to the base, sell your items and then buy them back. It is important that you sell the item last that you want to have back first.

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In the concrete example this means:

  • You first built Wisdom’s End and then the Blade of the Ruined King.
  • You sell Wisdom’s End first.
  • Then you sell the Blade of the Ruined King.
  • Then you press “Undo”.

From the game’s point of view, you’ve already bought Blade of the Ruined King, and then Wit’s End.

By the way, just changing the order in the inventory is not enough. You must actually sell and buy back the items. Make sure that you do not leave the base during this time, otherwise you will no longer be able to carry out a buyback.

Are there more secrets like this? Yes, quite a few.

This list could certainly be extended by a few dozen tricks.

Did you already know that the order of the items plays such a big role? Did you already know the other tricks? Do you know any tricks that you would like to pass on to other players?

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