League of Legends: Pro team KT Rolster suffers death threats

League of Legends (Taktik & Strategie) von Riot Games / Tencent

The e-sportsmen from KT Rolster have apparently been increasingly confronted with insults and even threats in recent times. Now the management steps in.

Over the past few weeks and months, the competitions that KT Rolster’s League of Legends team have entered have seemed extremely mixed. Competitors like T1 and Hanwha Life Esports (HLE) didn’t make it easy for the players. But it was probably above all the pressure from their own community that made their lives and thus their game more difficult.

League of Legends “fans” send weapon box

The management of the esports team published a via Facebook statements regarding the hostilities observed. In addition to the players, they would also have met the coaching staff and other members of the organization. The messages go beyond simple expression of opinion and are “unacceptable”. According to the statement, there are also clear infringements among them.

At times, the team had to accept serious allegations, the dissemination of unconfirmed facts and much more. Even weapon boxes were delivered to the training rooms – as a clear sign. Members of the organization would now complain of fear and pain. They also fear “that this will negatively affect many fans who love KT Rolster and e-sports in the long term”.

Management threatens to sue

“We ask you to take note of this and advise that if the violation of the team’s rights continues in the future, we are considering further active measures,” the statement read. Those responsible for the team made it clear that some of the actions criticized would clearly violate applicable law.

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