Lost Ark gets new update: Spell in Spades brings Arcanist into play

Lost Ark gets new update: Spell in Spades brings Arcanist into play

It’s time. The new update of Lost Ark is here and brings a certain element of chance into play with the arcanist. On July 20th at 9:00 a.m. the implementation of the new content has already started. The update should be completed at around 1:00 p.m. if everything goes according to plan.

A heart and three clubs for spells in spades

Spells in Spades is the name of the update that introduces the Mage class that fights with a deck of cards. Skill and luck go hand and hand here. But a new level of difficulty, a summer festival and other new challenges will soon keep Lost Ark players busy.

July brings the next new class to Lost Ark. Instead of using swords or wands, this magician fights with a deck of 13 different cards. While her cards aren’t marked, she has a trick for every situation that’s appropriate – whether it’s dealing damage, giving yourself buffs, or healing yourself after a nasty attack.

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Additionally, you can play Valtan’s Legions Raid on Infernal difficulty if you dare. This is currently the hardest version of Legion Raids, demanding more from you but showering you with better rewards if you pull it off.

The new weekly activity also challenges you, because this time the level of your opponents adapts to your own. Of course, this greater effort is also rewarded with corresponding prizes.

You’ll soon be able to treat yourself to a little summer fun in Arkesia, too, because the limited-time Maharaka Festival and the Water Bomb Arena promise a welcome cool-down during this hot time. Team up to compete and earn rewards in this pool party mayhem.

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On the official site of the game, Amazon shows all the details about the update.