Mario Strikers: Battle League Football gets 1st free update

Appeared about a month ago Mario Strikers: Battle League Football. Now the latest prank should be out of the house Nintendo already be first free update receive. This should already be available in this country on Friday July 22nd for Nintendo switch be available.

What does the first update contain?

So far, there has only been a sparse selection of playable characters. With Daisy and Shy Guy the squad is now expanded from 10 to 12 figures. A first impression the special features of the two newcomers are already available.

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As seen in the video is a new stadium also part of the update. From now on you may in the desert ruins kick and provide you with exciting matches in the sand with fellow players. Although has arena setting no special effects on the gameplay and yet it brings something variety in the game.

Another feature is a new armor. With the knight gear above all you can Power, Shooting and Passing to enhance. Of course, the armor is adapted to the style of the respective character.

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More updates to Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

But that’s not all: in the course of this year, two more free updates follow. Details of their content are not yet known.

Mario Strikers Battle League Football Free Updates

Judging by Nintendo’s graphics, they all seem Updates structured similarly to be. So it’s probably with additional characters, equipment and stages expected, but that is not certain.

However, it would also be conceivable more modes and content – especially in single player-Area. At the moment you can only play a series of matches and tournaments without pursuing a specific career goal. Also there is neither special campaigns nor mini-gameswhere you can get special advances or achievements.

So far there is unlockable gearhowever, each piece of equipment must purchased individually with in-game coins that you get (less) in matches or (more) in tournaments. Maybe this would be with one career mode a little easier.

When and what exactly awaits us with the upcoming updates to “Mario Strikers: Battle League Football” remains a surprise for the time being.

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