New AAA Studio: First Game Guaranteed Not With Live Service

Loot Boxes: Overwatch

A brand new studio has started development on a project to keep an eye on. Behind the team of Jar of Sparks there are many veterans of the industry, which in recent years has included titles such as Halo Infinite, Doom or the Batman Arkham trilogy have contributed. The studio’s first game is said to be AAA format have and im action genre be settled. Financial support is available from NetEase from China.

Jerry Hook takes over

Via Twitter has Jerry Hook reported at the launch of Jar of Sparks. He serves as the studio’s CEO and previously served as Head of Design at the creators of Halo 343 Industries. His team wants to give the players “a new generation of Story driven action games” offer. Soon it will too numerous job offers for the project, which – thanks to the home office option – can be accepted worldwide. Just follow this Twitter account of the studio.

It will not be a live service title

There are no details about the game yet, but the makers make it clear in advance that their project is about no live service title acts. The release is of course still unclear. Jerry Hook, however, hinted that the game would be over the next three to four years to go on sale. Other tasks at Jar of Sparks will be Paul Crocker (Creative Director) and Greg Stone (Executive Producer) take over.

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