New World: Everything about the new Summer Medleyfaire event, which brings lots of cool rewards

New World Summer Medleyfare Map

With the big summer update, New World not only gets a new dungeon, the dungeon finder and musical instruments, but also the new event Summer Medleyfaire. You can earn new emotes, new armor skins with a “Heavy Metal” look and many other rewards. We at MeinMMO have already played the event and will tell you everything important about it in this guide.

What’s in the event?

  • There is a new quest line through which you can earn gold and reputation and tokens for the event. You will also receive your first musical instruments with songs, which you can then present to everyone.
  • There are events in the open world that also bring reputation and tokens.
  • There are special fishing spots with new rewards.
  • Each city has a stage that works similar to the Winter Event gifts. You will receive three gifts per day there, in which you will receive gold, tokens for the event and two diamond plasters. In total you get six casts, which has never been the case at any event before.
  • There is a shop where you can get all sorts of new rewards if your reputation is high enough.

In this guide we will go through step by step how the event works. If you want to find out more about the general summer patch, you should read this article:

New World gets the biggest update yet in July – Brings new dungeon and musical instruments

When exactly does the event take place? That is not certain yet. The new event is expected to start shortly after the patch is released. The winter event ran for almost 3 weeks.

New hubs with quests and vendors, new world events and fishing trophies

How do I start the event? The main content of the event takes place in new, special event settlements. There are four of these in the areas of Königsfels, Webermoor, Immerfall and Lichtholz.

In these settlements you will find the event quests, a stage for dancing and the traders. This is your starting point and it is also where you will be provided with instruments for the open world events.

The map with the 4 event settlements.

What are the quests? You should start doing the new quests in the event. They can be started by level 20 players.

A total of nine quests await you, each bringing 250 reputation for the event. All quests follow each other and are self-explanatory. For the first task you have to collect the instruments in the settlement, which are provided with thick markings.

A tip: In the course of the quest series you will need the following items, which you should put in your inventory in advance:

  • 20x fresh wood
  • 6x water
  • 16x flint
  • 15x reeds

The dance floor: The second special feature of the settlement is the dance floor. You can stand on it and then perform the /dance emote. This brings you 250 reputation for the event and that per day and per settlement. You should incorporate this dancing into your daily habit right at the beginning.

New World Summer Medleyfare dance floor

What about the open world events? The second quest explains the yarrow beetle event to you. These are swarms in the open world that you have to calm down with your guitar. You get this guitar in quest number 1.

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When you arrive at the event, you then have to play a song. To do this, you have to press W, A, S, D or the two mouse buttons at the right moment, a bit like in Guitar Hero.

By the way, over time you can skill your instruments and learn new songs. If you play these, other players can throw you tips as a reward for your skills.

New World Summer Medleyfare Music

What’s new for anglers? During the event there will be additional fish that you can fish. These give you reputation for the event and there is a new trophy to earn. For this you need the Ether Vials, which you can unlock via the new event dealer. Each of these vials increases the chance of rare fish.

You will also be introduced to the subject of fishing via the new quests.

What else is there? A total of 14 pages with texts about the event were hidden for Lore fans. They are in the four event areas.

New skins, housing items, emotes and angel equib

What rewards does the event bring? You can unlock a total of five levels of reputation at the event.

Tier 1 brings new buff food and the Summer Fishbag housing item.

New World Summer Medleyfare Reward Tier 1

At level 2 you get three more housing items as well as a fishing rod and the special event item Light Ether Vial.

New World Summer Medleyfare Tier 2 Reward

Tier 3 includes the new Shake Dance emote, schemes for crafting new armor skins, another Fishing Rod, and the Strong Ether Vial event item.

New World Summer Medleyfare Reward Tier 3

At level 4 you get special skins for the musical instruments, new housing items and the event item Mighty Ether Vial.

New World Summer Medleyfare Reward Rank 4

At level 5, you get the Guitar Shred and Sad Violin emotes, new housing items, new armor skin schematics, the Disruptive Luxury Scarf skin, and the Intense Ether Vial event item.

New World Summer Medleyfare Reward Rank 5

What’s the fastest way to reach max rank? For the maximum rank you need 10,000 reputation.

  • Complete all quests first – this will bring you 2,250 reputation.
  • Dance in the four event settlements for a total of 1,000 reputation per day.
  • Opens the three gifts in the normal settlements every day.
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This combo should get you max rank in 6 to 10 days.

How do you get the brands? You get the tokens from the events with the swarms, from the daily gifts and from the quests. In the event settlements there are also traders where 25 tokens can be exchanged for a premium token – and vice versa.

What do you think of the new event in New World? Do you like the content and especially the rewards? Or do you prefer to skip the content? Feel free to write it in the comments.