No Mans Sky: Endurance update improves your freighter fleets

No Mans Sky: Endurance update improves your freighter fleets

Since No Man’s Sky 2016 was released, the responsible developer studio tries Hello Games almost non-stop to keep improving, expanding and making the space adventure even more fun for the community with new updates. Nothing has changed in the mentality of the studio this year either.

That’s how No Man’s Sky became (buy now €35.42 /€22.99 ) Already pimped with the Sentinel update in 2022, Expedition Leviathan also followed, adding space whales and a roguelike mode to the sandbox adventure. Hello Games’ never-ending stamina is now showing up on a new one with the 20th update, which is fittingly “endurance” baptized and that you download now can.

Cargo to languish: New No Man’s Sky update has numerous improvements in its luggage

In the center of new updates stand yours this time freighter fleets, which you can not only polish up with an almost countless number of improvements, but also enlarge them and thus make them more practical, attractive and comprehensive. Scanner rooms, shops, plant containers, refineries and extractors are now available for this purpose.

But that’s not all: yours mobile bases you can now join us with the new update glass corridors, walkways (inside and outside) and brand new hangar and bridge effects. With the many new options, the freighters are more attractive, but also much more spacious.

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So good that you’re everywhere teleporters place in order to travel back and forth between the different areas of your freighter without detours. So that the mobile bases, which are now larger, do not look so empty, you also have the option of using them with crew members to populate, which will certainly be grateful if you put a lot of effort into the design of your cargo.