Stray: All codes for safes & doors in the overview

Stray: All codes for safes & doors in the overview

Yes, even as a cat you have to go in Stray now and again locked safes or doors open with a code. So that you don’t despair in your search or for the gold trophy Speedy Katzalo and thus finish the title in less than two hours, we will explain below where you can get the respective number combination finds.

In “Stray” you can expect each two locked doors and safes. Both doors are necessary to progress in the story. The two safes only contain collectibles and are therefore purely optional.

a notice: Even if you have the correct numerical code from our guide at hand, you cannot use it to open a safe or door. You must first have discovered the respective reference to the combination in the game in order to be able to enter it afterwards. Of course, we will also show you where these clues are hidden.

Door Code #1: Chapter 2 – City of the Dead

The very first numeric code that you must find in Stray is in Chapter 2 – City of the Dead. After your cat has received her backpack, go to the dark storage room. Use your little companion’s function to light up the room with a flashlight.

The code for the locked door is written on the whiteboard. Jump up there and memorize it: 3-7-4-8.

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Safe Code #2: Chapter 4 – The Slums

In chapter four there is one in a small alley hidden safe, which is locked. There is also no indication of the combination in the immediate vicinity. So what’s next?

Here you will find the safe: When you are in front of the guard, turn left and walk into the street where you can also find the musician with his guitar. At the end of the street, turn left and you’ll find the safe in front of you. You will not find the combination in its immediate vicinity.

Where’s the combination? The code is in the duffer bar hidden. This is in the middle of the city and, thanks to the eye-catching sign above the entrance, it is hard to miss. The door stands open, welcoming you to examine the shed. There may also be a bowl of milk.

Now jump onto the counter and run towards the wall. Above the neon sign duffer bar hangs a sign. This falls down as soon as you scratch it. The desired combination is visible on the wall: 1-2-8-3.

Door Code #3: Chapter 6 – The Slums Part 2

A locked door also awaits you inside Chapter 6 – Slums Part 2. Since you have to open them to progress through the storyline, you can’t miss them. But first you have to find a four-digit code.

Quite conspicuous are to the left of the door as a whole four clocks with different times. The only important thing to know here is that the small hour hand indicates the correct number for the combination. The “riddle” is no longer more difficult. So you can easily read the correct numbers from left to right: 2-5-1-1.

Safe Code #4: Chapter 10 – Downtown

You can find the second code for a safe in Chapter 10 – City Center Find. This is also one four-digit code.

Where is the safe? The safe is waiting for you downtown in the second shop on the right. In the yellow building, which cannot be overlooked, you will meet a robot with a straw hat and a white jacket. Now you have to leap through the window and climb onto the shelves. Up there you will find the last safe in the game.

Which code do I have to use? This time the code isn’t far away, it’s also in this room. On the back of the shelf you will find the combination, however Written backwards is: 2458:edoC. No big problem, let’s just flip the whole thing around and we already have the correct code: 8-5-4-2.

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