Stray: Find all 8 sheets of music in Chapter 4, these are the localities – Guide

Stray - sheet music 1 way

In the cat adventure Stray various collectibles can be collected, all of which are not particularly well hidden. A little search results but with the eight sheets of musicwho ye in Chapter 4 should bring to the musician. We will help you with the task and show you the eight locations of the sheet music.

Stray: Bring the musician his 8 sheet music

You can find the musician in Chapter 4The slums in the street directly to the left of the guard. He sits there with his guitar and plays you a small excerpt for each sheet of music found.

If you have brought all the sheet music to the music virtuoso, there is a small reward as well as the Silver Trophy meowody.

Score Sheet #1 – Location of Momo’s Apartment

about that first sheet of music to find it, you turn left into the street just before the guard and then run immediately left into the small alley with the green dumpster. Hop on it and then climb up to the top of the flat roof using the various climbing options. When you get here, you see two robots throwing large cans of paint at each other.

Diagonally above is a balcony that leads to the Momo’s apartment leads. So climb up the wall to the right of the two robots to get to the balcony. From here you can enter the apartment through an open window. Now run to the left and then through the bars into the room with the many boxes. On the right side you get to the wooden shelf. The first sheet of music is on it.

Sheet Music #2 – Location Balcony above the rooftops

For the second sheet of music you don’t have to walk around for a long time, but let yourself be transported from Momo’s apartment to the lower roofs on the zip line. Now run past the other zip line on the right and climb over the pipe that leads to another balcony.

Once there, you jump onto the round wooden table and receive the second sheet of music.

Sheet Music #3 – Location of Elliot’s Programming

If you are standing directly in front of the guard, turn 180 degrees and then run down the stairs and straight ahead. Then turn left and you will see the shop on the right Elliot’s programming. On the door it says: “Please knock on the door and wait for us to open it.”

Of course, as a fluffy cat, you can’t knock, so you just scratch the door. Works at least as well. Now go inside and you will find the third sheet of music hanging on the large sign directly opposite the door.

Sheet Music #4 – Vendor Store Location

That fourth sheet of music you can find it at a dealer. This is very close to where you met the guardian. Turn right and walk straight ahead for a few meters and then down the stairs. You will already see a brightly lit shop on your left. Among other things, a sheet of music is sold here. But of course there is a catch. The dealer charges for this sheet music 1 can of energy drink.

Where can I find energy drinks in Stray? Run back to the guard and this time choose the left path. Here you can already see one standing on a house wall vending machines (in Chapter 4 several vending machines are distributed) with which you can interact. A can of energy drink will then fall out and you can collect it. Now bring this to the dealer to get the fourth sheet of music.

Sheet Music #5 – Bar location

Goes from Elliot’s programming back a corner and you’ll find it bar with a rather conspicuous red sign above the already opened door. A staircase on the left leads to the first floor. When you get to the top, jump onto the pool table and from there onto the middle table. That’s on it fifth sheet of music.

Sheet Music #6 – Location of Clementine’s apartment

Now climb all the way up onto the roofs to the position where you have already found the second sheet of music. Run down the large pipe and you will see a brightly lit open window.

Jump through the window into the Apartment of Clementine and then run straight ahead through one of the openings in the sliding door. Then turn directly to the right and you will see this in the second compartment of the wooden shelf in front of the bed sixth sheet of music.

Sheet Music #7 – Library location

Up on the roofs you look for the couch with the TV in front of it. Above it is a string of lights that is hard to miss. Directly behind the couch you can see another balcony. Jump across and enter the library, which is unsurprisingly full of books.

Run straight to the right and then turn left into the separated area with the Piano away. On the keys of the instrument you will find the seventh and penultimate sheet of music.

Sheet Music #8 – Vault location

Return to the guardian for the last sheet of music and from here turn left again into the street from which you climbed onto the roofs at the beginning. He’s sitting on the side of the road Musician, to whom you should bring the sheet music. You will receive a small musical sample for every sheet of music submitted.

You will find one to the right of the musician in a small alley safefor you one four-digit code needed. You can find this in the barthat you have already visited. Climb onto the counter there and then scratch the picture. This falls down shortly after, revealing the code you’re looking for: 1-2-8-3.

Once you have entered the code, you will find the eighth sheet of music inside.

All sheet music found: What is the reward?

If you have finally collected all the sheet music and successfully handed it over to the musician, you will receive this as a reward music badge as well as the Silver Trophy meowody.

The badge is one of a total of six that will decorate your cat’s small backpack from now on.

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