Stray has major stuttering issues on PC

Stray has major stuttering issues on PC

The recently released stray has some serious technical issues on PC.

Stuttering often occurs there in connection with the compilation of shaders.

A known issue

The developers are already aware of the problem and are working on a solution. However, it is currently unclear when this can be expected.

“The team is planning a post-launch patch to fix a number of issues,” it said. “They hope to resolve that at this point, if it’s possible.”

More news about Stray:

Stuttering in this context is particularly a problem on PC and causes a brief stuttering or game freeze when shaders are first compiled.

Sometimes this happens entirely at the start of a game, albeit with longer waiting times. Other games do it directly during gameplay, such as Stray.

This is not a problem on the consoles due to the fixed hardware configuration, this process is often carried out during installation.

The problem with Stray is that it’s a game with little repurposed content. Therefore, be prepared that many shaders have to be compiled while playing and the gaming experience is not very satisfactory.

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