Stray’s ‘You can’t get me!’ trophy is just hair-pulling

The Cant Cat-ch Me trophy in Stray is a real challenge.

The Can’t Cat-ch Me trophy in Stray is a real challenge.

Actually, Stray is largely a relaxed exploration game that can be played through in one sitting. The perfect conditions to secure the platinum trophy, which was earned quite quickly – if it weren’t for a gold trophy that makes Trophyhunters sweat a lot. This doesn’t mean the speedrun award for anyone who finishes the game in less than two hours, it’s actually pretty doable if you know the game.

We’re talking about the “You can’t get me!” trophy, which currently has just 1.2% of all players on PS5.

you can’t get me – Or yes

You can get said trophy, aptly named “Can’t Cat-ch Me” in English, quite early in the game. In Chapter 2 you meet for the first time on a horde of one-eyed Zurks and have to flee from them. It’s not that difficult either, if the naked critters jump at you, you can shake them off with the circle button.

However, if you want to secure the “You can’t get me!” trophy, this must not happen. This means that you are not only not allowed to die, but also not to be jumped on by a single Zurk during the approximately one-minute sequence. If the screen asks you to press the circle button, you’ve already missed your chance and will have to reload the last checkpoint.

And that’s not easy at all, especially since there are some corners where you can hardly dodge the zurks. Although you can remember where the little critters appear, a little luck is still part of every run.

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A few tips about the trophy

If you’re the type of person (like me) who struggles with this trophy, there are still a few useful tricks that go beyond memorizing the section:

  • hook: Zigzagging will make you a lot harder to hit for the zurks, so never run straight.
  • Running towards Zurks: It might sound wrong, but especially in tight spots where a lot of zurks are sloshing at you, it can help to run towards them first before attempting a heck in the other direction. Then the Zurks can’t jump at you directly.
  • Key remapping: You also have the option of reassigning the buttons on the controller in the settings. For example, flipping the run button or increasing the sensitivity of the joysticks can help.

Here’s a successful run with some tips from PS5Trophies:

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Do you need more help?

You can get a complete overview of the trophies in Stray here. If you need help getting hold of all of the game’s collectibles, we’ll also tell you where to get them all energy drinks in the slums finds. And this is the way for ours Test for the greatest cat adventure of all time.

Have you already earned the trophy or are you still nibbling on it?

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