T-Low and Papaplatte make emotional statements

The YouTuber Danny in an excerpt from his video.

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

News of Danny’s conviction spread like wildfire across the internet. Now Papaplatte and T-Low also have their say.

Nuremberg – YouTuber Danny was convicted by the district court of raping his ex-girlfriend. The streamer is now on probation for a year and six months. After his ex-girlfriend made the verdict public, the whole internet went into turmoil. Many have expressed their condolences to Danny’s ex-girlfriend. Now friends of Danny are also speaking up. In emotional statements, Papaplatte and T-Low express their condemnation of the heinous act.

Full name Daniel
Known as Danny
birthday not known
Place of birth Nuremberg
Subscribers on YouTube 148,000 (as of July 2022)
Followers on Twitch 249,000 (as of July 2022)

Streamer colleagues are shocked – Papaplatte and T-Low comment on Danny’s verdict

This judgment is about: The whole streaming scene in Germany is dealing with the judgment on Danny. The YouTuber was convicted of raping his ex-girlfriend by the Nuremberg district court. The most important information in brief:

  • YouTuber Danny was reported by his ex-girlfriend for rape.
  • The YouTuber has now been found guilty in court. The Nuremberg district court sentenced Danny to one year and six months on probation.
  • After his ex-girlfriend published the verdict on Twitter, a discussion about the incident sparked in the streamer community.
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Here’s how Danny’s colleagues react: After some streamers had already distanced themselves from Danny, colleagues with whom he had a closer relationship are now also reporting. Papaplatte and T-Low are visibly shocked by what their streaming colleague did. Both react very emotionally in their statements. It’s obviously difficult for Papaplatte to find words for Danny’s actions.

Papaplatte says: Papaplatte had repeatedly invited Danny to videos and streams in the past, and the two even produced a song together. But in his statement he is now turning away from his streamer colleague. Papaplatte seems very upset by Danny’s actions. For him it is clear that no one should have to go through rape. The YouTuber wishes the victim a lot of strength. In his post on Twitter, he also states that he is distancing himself from Danny in the future. Papaplatte has already deleted the joint song on YouTube, Spotify should follow as soon as possible.

T-Low says: T-Low also released a statement about Danny. Within an Instagram story, the musician explains that he cannot process the situation properly himself. “I’m shocked myself, super confused and don’t know how to deal with the situation”. T-Low is one of Danny’s closest friends. Because he had accompanied the newcomer at concerts and in the studio with vlogs. Apparently he was already aware of the allegations against Danny, but at the time he had sided with his friend. After the court ruled against Danny, the singer was shocked. For him it is incomprehensible that his friend apparently lied to him. In the future, the newcomer will forego the vlogs with Danny. T-Low also urges his followers to stop bringing him up on the subject.

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Court judgment shocks streaming Germany

Scandal surrounding YouTuber Danny: T-Low and Papaplatte make emotional statements © YouTube: Danny

This is Danny: Danny is best known for his vlogs with newcomer T-Low. But even before that, the streamer showed up again and again with familiar faces like Papaplatte in his streams. He himself streamed live on Twitch playing various games. But now he only produces YouTube content for his fans.

Danny has since deleted all of his social media channels. When asked by ingame.de, Danny has not yet commented on his verdict.

MontanaBlack comments on the scandal – perpetrators disgust him

MontanaBlack with a clear message: MontanaBlack also found out about the Danny scandal. The streamer doesn’t mention Danny by name in his post, but it’s clear how MontanaBlack feels about the rape. For him, nothing can justify rape and perpetrators should be punished appropriately.

Have you yourself been a victim of sexual violence or do you have a similar case in your circle of acquaintances? The Federal Office for Family Helpline on 08000 116 016 will give you free advice and round-the-clock support.