Tesla: Elon Musk announces Steam for next month

Tesla: Elon Musk announces Steam for next month

Elon Musk is more for his excessive interest in lately Twitter known. First he wants them Buy short message platformto establish more freedom of expression and then surprisingly withdraws his purchase.

But the eccentric billionaire is actually the head of the electric car company Tesla, for which he still finds time between all the Twitter actionism. The entrepreneur recently announced that self-driving vehicles will soon be a Steam integration will get.

Gaming in the Tesla? That’s fine!

Tesla vehicles are high-end and expensive products loaded with trivial and non-trivial gadgets and gizmos. One of these functions is the integration of certain video games on the vehicle screens. That makes it possible AMD Ryzen Processor and the “Tesla Arcade” platform, which was installed in the S and X models.

From simple browser games like 2048 to full 3D games like Beach Buggy – a racing game where you can use the Tesla’s steering wheel to steer your racing car – everything is included. Among other things, you can also use the time while the car is charging Stardew Valley, Cuphead or Fallout Shelter expel and thereby even one connect the controllerto play.

Steam integration is coming soon

All these gimmicks recently presented the Twitter account Tesla Owners Silicon Valley before, which is dedicated to the presentation of Teslas. A video showed what is possible on the vehicle’s screen.

That was reason enough for Elon Musk to comment below the video post and announce that a Steam integration is already being worked on and a demo “probably next month” will appear.

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Since Tesla will be holding a shareholders’ meeting during this period, this integration will likely only be presented there before the demo even goes live.

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