The class change in Diablo Immortal is now live: it’s so easy to use the new feature

The class change in Diablo Immortal is now live: it's so easy to use the new feature

With the new patch 1.5.2 for Diablo Immortal on July 20th, the class change feature came into play. This allows you to easily change your class without having to play a new character. MeinMMO explains how to do it.

What is this feature? The new update 1.5.2 brought important changes and class change as a new feature. Once a week you can change your class for free – and even go back once if you don’t like the new class.

The purpose of the feature is that you can fully concentrate on one character and don’t have to play secondary characters. You remain a member of your clan and squad and keep all your possessions.

How to change your class: To change your class, all you have to do is visit the Walking Flames in Westmarch. This is located in Selynna’s Basilica, the cathedral to the east:

Diablo Immortal: How to change class

Interact with the flames and select the Class Change option. However, the prerequisite is that your character must have reached level 35. When selecting a new class, you can completely redesign the look.

The class change is limited to 1 time per week and there are no further changes outside of this cooldown. Cooldown begins after swapping. There should also be no way to buy the bills in the shop – so choose carefully.

When you switch, you get a starter set for your new class. However, class-specific cosmetics are not carried over. In our guide we explain in detail everything you need to know about changing classes in Diablo Immortal.

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If you still don’t know which class to try, you can find the strongest classes here in our tier list for Diablo Immortal. In the video we show you gameplay for all classes of the game:

Diablo Immortal: All 6 classes at a glance with gameplay

New Legendaries in update, classes coming later

Along with the class change feature, 36 new Legendaries came into play, 6 for each class. If you don’t like the new options for your character, you can now easily switch. You can find the list of all new Legendaries on the official site.

While a new class isn’t currently in the game, we know from an interview with Game Direcot Wyatt Cheng that new classes will be coming in the future. The new classes are free content for all players.

Since Season 2, players have found a possible class in the game data, the blood knight. Whether and when it will appear, however, is still an open question.

However, the new update now has tons of changes in its luggage, which above all make the Pay2Win factor for Free2Play players significantly less serious. One reason why even critics are celebrating the patch:

Diablo Immortal: Blizzard wows fans with new update ahead of release – “Indeed excellent”