Trymacs in the sights of Cake TV – scandal YouTuber railed against sponsors

Cake TV criticizes the choice of sponsor by streamer Trymacs at his football event with Knossi.

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Of: Robin Dittrich

Twitch streamer Trymacs is criticized for his choice of sponsors at the football event – ​​by Cake TV. The scandalous YouTuber lashed out against Trymacs.

Braunschweig – Cake TV is mainly known on YouTube for its more or less big scandals. Nevertheless, he is still active on the video platform. In its shape Cake Talks he now shot against Twitch streamer Trymacs and its sponsors. Cake TV didn’t like them at all, especially at the Trymacs and Knossis football event.

Real name Tim Heldt
Known as CakeTV
birthday April 19, 1995
Place of birth Salzgitter
Subscribers on YouTube 1.1 million (as of July 2022)
Followers on Twitch 317,000 (as of July 2022)

Cake TV criticizes Trymacs sponsors – “I absolutely don’t understand”

This is what happens in the video: The YouTuber Cake TV has in its latest issue of Cake Talks sharply criticized the Twitch streamer Trymacs. The main focus was on the choice of sponsors for the Trymacs and Knossi football event. “I just don’t understand the advertising partners he chooses for such events.Specifically, it was about the sponsors LootBoy, Gymtastic and LvlUp. There was also some criticism for Trymacs in the comments to the video.

Therefore there is criticism: The sponsorship of LootBoy was particularly annoying to KuteTV. Loot boxes can be bought on the platform, which can contain games or other prizes. According to the State Treaty on Gambling in Germany, this is not a game of chance – Cake TV also criticizes this: “You can usually get any Steam game for 15 cents, so it’s not gambling. This is just like the crates in CS:GO.“ At the football event, the LootBoy app was constantly advertised as being free. “It’s free, of course, but the content isn’t, of course“ said Tim Held aka cake TV.

  • Comments under CakeTV’s video about Trymacs:
  • Trymacs simply took the sponsors with the biggest bags“ – Doomguy
  • Find it funny that Max says ‘It’s gambling’ at Fifa but at lootboy it’s different— Finn WRLD
  • I think it’s clear, the dubious providers offer the best deals“ – Higlino
  • Lootboy was also criticized by viewers in the stream. Hope trymacs makes a statement on this– Future Gothenks
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LootBoy self-test: In order to show the problems with LootBoy, Tim Heldt started a self-test. He bought 26 boxes, which cost around one euro each. “24 times any cheap Steam game, 2 times a main prize – a five euro Steam voucher.There were also vouchers for several manufacturers such as HyperX and the Alge drink from Knossi. Cake TV built a tip against influencer Ron Bielecki: “I received umpteen algae vouchers, that’s a lifetime supply. Unless I’m Ron Bielecki, then that’s enough for two days.Ron Bielecki is best known for his alcohol freaks.

Cake TV denounces two other questionable sponsors – did Trymacs follow the money?

Criticism of “bad” products: The other sponsors criticized by CakeTV were Gymtastic and LevlUp. Gymtastic allegedly buy their products “super cheap at Alibaba to sell them again completely brazenly and overpriced.“It only works,”because they have enough influencers promoting it.“ Gymtastic’s flagship is their massage gun, which costs a whopping 160 euros. “They know themselves that it is absolutely overpriced, which is why they offer a 50 percent voucher everywhere.

Provocative question for Trymacs: Then CakeTV speaks directly to Trymacs and asks: “You make your viewers spend way too much money on products when there are more than enough alternatives for a fair price. Trymacs: Do you really care about your viewers’ money?“KuchenTV doesn’t have much to say against the sponsor LevlUp, except that their extremely high caffeine content in their powders can be quite harmful for the young fans of the influencers. At the end, Cake TV makes it very clear that he “I personally have nothing against Trymacs, but the selection of advertising partners for such events is less great“ finds.

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Cake TV criticizes the choice of sponsor by streamer Trymacs at his football event with Knossi. © YouTube: CakeTV/Instagram: Trymacs

This is CakeTV: The YouTuber CakeTV is best known for his opinion videos, in which he reacts to colleagues and often criticizes them. He himself came under criticism when he was accused of domestic violence in 2018. He only confirmed the rumors in 2021, and was then criticized by many influencers such as Twitch streamer Unge. In the comments on CakeTV’s sponsorship video, his fans believed in the comments that Trymacs was just following the money. Cake TV also knows that LootBoy, for example, pays a lot: “They will have put a lot of money on the table.