Yakuza: First Look at New Series Part in Studio Tour Video – News

Yakuza: First Look at New Series Part in Studio Tour Video - News

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A promotional video shows the first scenes from the new one yakuza-Part.: Ryu ga Gotoku Studios recently loaded Mikuru Asakura to himself. The mixed martial artist had a motion capture appointment there as he is a character in the latest installment of the yakuzaseries will embody. A 17-minute video was then published on Asakura’s YouTube channel, in which, among other things, he had a chat with the Sega President Haruki Satomi stops and is guided through the halls of the studio. At the end of the day, his face is captured by dozens of cameras as a template for the developers.

At minute 10, Asakura will also be shown scenes from the game in development. You can see a cutscene with Ichiban, the protagonist of Yakuza-Like a Dragon (in the test, grade 8.5), as well as party members Nanba and Adechi. According to the translation of gematsu It is evident from the Japanese conversations in the video that the next installment in the series will take you back to a new city. The studio is also working on another game in parallel.


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