Square Enix will soon be selling Final Fantasy NFTs

Square Enix will soon be selling Final Fantasy NFTs

The NFTs have reached Final Fantasy! At least soon, because Square Enix has plans for that.

To do this, they are teaming up with the provider Enjin to publish together with this Final Fantasy NFTs.

What’s on offer?

A digital card collection celebrating Final Fantasy 7’s 25th anniversary is planned to be released on the Efinity cross-chain network and will be accessible to those who purchase items from a physical collection that will be released in 2023.

This includes an action figure, which can now be pre-ordered. The Deluxe Edition of this includes a code for an NFT version of the figure. Pre-orders for the physical trading cards are set to start later this year.

More Final Fantasy 7 news:

Enjin describes itself as a “stop shop for environmentally conscious blockchain[User]’ and aims to achieve ‘carbon neutral NFTs’ by 2030. How about the Final Fantasy 7 story again?

This development comes as no surprise, as Squarae Enix’ President Yosuka Matsuda expressed his hope at the beginning of the year that NFTs and blockchain technology would become the next “big trend” in gaming.


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