Gambling authority puts pressure on providers because of network blocks and IP blocking

Gambling authority puts pressure on providers because of network blocks and IP blocking

from Michael Miskulin
In mid-July, the gaming authority sent a letter to all Internet providers operating in Germany, calling on them to block illegal sites. Otherwise sensitive administration costs of up to 500,000 euros would be due.

The new gambling authority is putting pressure on a small internet provider and threatening severe penalties of up to 500,000 euros if network blocks and IP blocking are not implemented. This was announced by a provider from Baden-Württemberg with a customer base of 2,000 customers.

BGH on DNS blocks: “Blocking is the last resort”

The provider explains: “According to the new gaming authority, we must now block all sites that are illegal in the opinion of this authority. If we do not do this, administrative costs of between 500 and 500,000 euros will be due – and of course we still have to block them.” In mid-July 2022, all Internet service providers operating in Germany received a letter from the new gaming authority. It is announced that many administrative acts will follow and that an objection or a lawsuit will not have a suspensive effect. In your FAQ the authority explains: “The network blocking can either be implemented informally in cooperative cooperation or as part of administrative procedures.”

Opposite to the provider explained: “Note how the problem is now being shifted to the provider and extreme pressure is being built up here. According to the motto: If you play along and block everything we give you immediately and without resistance, then everything is ok, and then it costs nothing. But please with proof. If not, then it will be very expensive very quickly.” The Internet provider sees the processes quite close to the “area of ​​censorship” where the blocks could quickly spread to other areas.

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Source: Gambling-behoerde.devia