Genshin Impact: New web event brings veterans and holiday feelings

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The small web event “Dreams from the Sea” focuses on beach and holiday feelings in the spirit of the current summer update of Genshin Impact and you can dust off both ascension materials and a few veteran packages.

As befits Genshin’s special promotions, the web event takes place outside of the game in the browser and lets you reminisce about the last vacation at the beach. In terms of content, the web game refers to the in-game event “A Summer Stay by the Sea” and also asks you a few quiz questions about the content.

It is therefore helpful before the browser mini-game if you have already played part of the current action, which takes you to a mysterious, tropical island with Mona, Fischl, Xinyan, Kazuha and, of course, Paimon. On the one hand you can then answer the questions in the browser game and on the other hand you don’t run the risk of spoiling yourself a little bit about the plot of the summer stay.

For the web event, gather inspiration to boost Paimon’s memory by completing small mini-quests in the main game – which can then help you straight into the Experience Pass. Then you wallow in holiday dreams in the browser game and have to help your flying companion to refresh her memory of the stay on the golden apple archipelago.

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This way, you’ll engage with multiple memories, and you’ll be rewarded with Mora and a smaller amount of Primal Rock for your troubles.