Harry Potter: Quidditch is renamed because of JK Rowling

What would be Harry Potter without Quidditch? The game is no longer just part of the fantastic world of Hogwarts. It is now too an established sport in the muggle world, including its own world association. This now changed the name of the popular sport – primarily to himself to be distanced from the author.

What happened?

JK Rowling’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice book series has had one since the publication of the first Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 1997 constantly growing and loyal fan base. But the author who Role model for so many people is has in the past some utterances given by himself, which so many followers neatly go against the grain.

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Again and again Rowling falls along transphobic sayings and tweets on; supports public Anti-Trans activists and claims Disney that families “no longer felt safe” because of LGBTIQ cartoons.

Reason enough for the International Quidditch Association (IQA) Rename Quidditch to Quadball.

Quidditch becomes quadball

So far too Muggle Quidditch called game was originally based heavily on the competitions of the magical world by Harry, Hermione, Ron and Co. – of course without flying brooms and the winged snitch.

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In the real world, the favorite sport of magicians is one Mixture of handball, rugby and dodgeball. The players have simulated brooms and a snitch in the form of a tennis ball in a sock. According to the IQA, there are now about 600 teams in 40 countries.

Applied for in March 2022, the Name change from Quidditch to Quadball finally decided. The new name refers to the number of balls, as well as the number of different playing positions.

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But the Transphobia of the Potter creator was not the only reason for the decision, although it was decisive. As the IQA itself noted, the three probably have each other Main actors critical of Rowling’s statements.

On the one hand, the sport should not be associated with Rowling’s statements, on the other hand, one is also afraid License Disputes With Warner Bros.since Quidditch a copyright term is. However, Andy Marmer, chair of the IQA name change committee, is optimistic:

I look forward to the opportunities this brings us and the potential for quadball to continue to grow as a cornerstone of organized sports.”


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