Marvel announce new Spider-Man series at San Diego Comic-Con

Marvel announce new Spider-Man series at San Diego Comic-Con

Currently finds the San Diego Comic Con 2022 and the news about the comic fair just never ends. In addition to a first trailer for John Wick 4, Marvel have unveiled a multi-million dollar “real” Infinity Stone collection. Appropriately, several comic book adaptations have also been announced. Including the Disney Plus exclusive prequel Spider-Man: Freshman Year. Read everything we know about the animated series here.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year officially announced

The animated series follows Peter Parker through his freshman year of high school, which is ninth grade for us. It should show how he becomes Spider-Man. In addition, it was confirmed that Charlie Cox as Daredevil will be seen in the series. The announcement follows rumors of a Daredevil Reebot earlier this year.

These super villains are sure to be there

Although it no trailer at Comic-Con, those responsible have revealed the first details. Numerous super villains from the Spider-Man universe are said to be part of the game. Including Dr. Octavius, Chameleon, Scorpion and Butane the Pyromanic.