Street Fighter 6: Chun-Li and Guile in the old look and Ryu finally gets to shave

Street Fighter 6: Chun-Li and Guile in the old look and Ryu finally gets to shave

Street Fighter 6 has now revealed some costumes. A new feature from Capcom features classic outfits worn by some well-known characters, as well as fresh street costumes for Luke and Jamie in Street Fighter 6.

Chun-Li, Ryu and Guile may already know some of them from previous Street Fighter games. For anyone who wasn’t into their new modern style cues in past installments, it sure is nice to seethat you can bring the three back to their traditional, original look in the 6th row title.

For example, Ryu was allowed to shave again and has his good, old hairstyle back.

There are also screenshots of the two newer characters Luke and Jamie – while Jamie is brand new to the fighters, Luke has only been in a DLC for Street Fighter 5 so far.

The two will get special street outfits in Street Fighter 6.

The easy-going Jamie, who is particularly striking with his impressive braids and undercut hairstyle, gets a modern mix of yellow and black with a kind of down vest as a street costume, with an open shirt of course despite everything to show off in battle.

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Luke gets a street combo of ripped jeans, shirt, casually flipped cap, just like from the good old days. A camouflage pattern on the shirt and a dog tag chain around the neck are also essential for a casual street look. The comments particularly joke about his shoes, because he was finally able to get some.

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In general, Luke doesn’t look that much like the Street Fighter 5 DLC character anymore, for example his hair looks darker, but well, tastes can change, as we know, even with virtual characters.