WoW Dragonflight: Several time travel dungeons planned?

WoW Dragonflight: Several time travel dungeons planned?

from Sebastian Glanzer
Dataminers find interesting information about the upcoming WoW Dragonflight expansion almost every day. A new find suggests we’re about to embark on more than just time travel with the help of the Bronze Dragonflight.

In WoW Dragonflight, the dragonflights are known to be in the foreground, including the bronze dragonflight, which controls time. And while there isn’t supposed to be a big bad final boss in Dragonflight, there’s a lot of speculation that we will will have to deal with Murozond.

Murozond is known to be the corrupted version of Nozdormu – leader of the bronze dragonflight. Findings from dataminers now also show that time travel will play a role in Dragonflight. In the game files there are portals to particularly interesting places that we only know from the past.

The time portals in Dragonflight – real time travel dungeons or just scenarios?

Dataminer found the following portals:

  • Time Portal to the Troll Wars
  • Time Portal to the Pandaren Revolution
  • Time Portal to the Temporal Conflux
  • Portal to Race Through Time
  • Time Portal to the Black Empire
  • Time Portal to the Broken Shore
  • Time Portal To War of the Shifting Sands
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A glimpse into the Troll Wars, the Pandaren Uprisings, a journey into the Black Empire, or perhaps the Qiraj Wars? All of these events are very far back in the history of Azeroth. It would be a great opportunity for players to witness these events. But with the amount of possible dungeons that could play in the Caverns of Time, you also have to take the wind out of the community’s sails a bit.