WoW: Rextroy dismantles defenseless Hordler in groups – thanks to Magician Legendary

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In WoW there are now so many different effects that unplanned synergies between them keep arising. In most cases, this is not particularly dramatic or is perhaps not even noticeable. Every now and then, however, the unwanted interaction of different bonuses and abilities ensures that the balancing is completely turned upside down or even completely broken. The WoW YouTuber Rextroy is constantly looking for exactly these effects. Not only has he knocked out countless raid bosses solo in the past thanks to various synergies, but he has also explored the edges of the virtual world and repeatedly caused a stir in PvP.

His latest campaign also falls into the latter category. But it is no longer enough for him to simply knock out individual Hordlers in front of the gates of Orgrimmar. Instead, he now takes on whole groups and sends them all together to the spirit healer in one fell swoop. He falls back on a Legendarys of magicians – and on a friendly priest.

Kill them all!

Rextroy stumbled across this synergy more by accident, as he reveals in his video. For those who prefer to watch the whole thing on video, we have video evidence of falling horde groups here. Below we explain how he did it.

The core of the trick is the Kyrian Legendary of the Mages: Harmonic Echo. This ensures that the covenant ability of the Kyrian mages is expanded to include area damage. More specifically, four surrounding players take 25 percent of the damage you fire at the primary target. But how is this 25 percent enough to kill fully equipped hordlers at maximum level?

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The second trick is the one extremely popular with Rextroy Gently squeezed toad. With this you can place a toad in the world, which is nothing more than a level 1 wild animal. And since good Rextroy is a level 60 mage himself, he deals significantly increased damage to the pet. This gigantic increase in damage makes the 25 percent that surrounding targets suffer significantly more than usual.