YouTuber SeLFlo (23) dead – Posts suicide note on Twitter

YouTuber SeLFlo looks into the camera

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Valorant YouTuber SelFlo is dead. The 23-year-old passed away in the early hours of Thursday, July 21.

Saidabad, India – The Riot Games shooter Valorant community is in shock over a sudden death. Indian Valorant YouTuber SeLFlo has died at the age of 23. This was reported by several Indian media.

Valorant YouTuber SeLFlo (23) commits suicide

What happened? According to a report in the Times of India, police in Saidabad said a young man (23) died by suicide in the morning hours of Thursday 21 July. The identification turned out to be the Valorant YouTuber SeLFlo.

Valorant YouTuber SeLFlo died at the age of 23 © YouTube: SeLFlo (Montage)

Who was SeLFlo? SeLFlo started a YouTube channel for VLOGs, tutorials and other videos in 2011, which he later deleted. In May 2018 he started his channel SeLFlo. Initially he released videos for Counter Strike: Global Offensive and then switched to Apex Legends before finally serving Valorant. He published tutorials, patch notes and entertaining assemblies for Valorant. The channel had over 31,000 subscribers.

Valorant YouTuber SeLFlo (23) commits suicide – farewell letter reveals severe trauma

What does the farewell letter say? In SeLFlo’s farewell letter, the YouTuber reports on a difficult past full of trauma, triggered by different circumstances in his social environment. He saw no other way out of his depression than to end his life.

Trigger warning: The twitlonger reports on rape, child abuse and major depression.

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SeLFlo is the second YouTuber to have died within a short period of time. At the end of June, Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade died of cancer.