3 Builds on Destiny 2’s Unpopular Weapon Exos to Dominate Enemies and Defy the Meta

Destiny 2 Solar Titan Abilities

In Destiny 2 there are not only weapon exos that every player uses, but also specimens that some guardians prefer to avoid. But some weapons are unfairly so. So today we’ve picked you three cool misfit exo weapon builds that are sure to amaze your friends.

Which Exos are you talking about? We looked at all weapon exos and selected three test subjects with whom reasonable builds are currently possible. We chose the following ratchets:

  • Tommy’s Matchbook (Solar Auto Rifle)
  • Graviton Lance (Void Pulse Rifle)
  • Lumina (Kinetic Hand Cannon)

Whether a weapon is good or bad is in the eye of every beholder. Roughly speaking, these three weapons are currently not meta guns that every player carries permanently in their inventory.

They are rarely considered or not considered at all, as the community believes there are better alternatives for dominating opponents. But this time we’ll show you three builds that will give you variety and, above all, show that you can’t just be powerful with meta-exos.

3 builds with a surprising amount of variety

These three builds are two Warlock builds and one Titan build. Since the hunters are always meta anyway, they are excluded this time. This time we offer the outsiders of the guardian factions the stage.

The burning Mafioso Titan

All the skills you need

What build is this? In this build, the Titan becomes a walking hail of bullets of destruction in combination with Solar 3.0, the Exo-Helmet “Lorelei-Splendidhelm” and the Exotic Auto-Rifle “Tommy’s Matchbook”.

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This combo allows you not to die and deal a large amount of damage at the same time, since the “Tommy-Gun” gives you more damage due to its burning effect.

However, in order to compensate for the damage taken and benefit from the bonus damage, we have decided on the following build.

What do you need for the build? Here we list all the things you need for the build:

  • exos
    • Helm: Lorelei ceremonial helm
    • Weapon: Tommy matchbook
  • Focus – Solar
    • Super: Hammer of Sol
    • capabilities
      • Gunfight Barricade
      • steering hover
      • throwing hammer
      • Healing Grenade
    • aspects
      • Sol Invictus
      • Roaring Flames
    • fragments
      • glow of consolation
      • embers of the torches
      • embers of tempering
      • Ember of the Empyrean
  • Armor mods
    • Solar Helm: Solar Siphon, source of power
    • Solar Arms: 2x Auto Rifle Loaders, Life Source
    • Arc Chest: Seeker Sources
    • Empty Legs: Better, isolation, source of endurance
    • Void Class Item: Eternity, Flame Harvest (Artifact Mod), Relentless Source Maker

How does the build work? You set up your barricade and kill an opponent. With the mod “Relenting Source Creator” you get a void elemental source on kill, which offers you increased damage resistance.

Then kill enemies with your matchbook and collect the Solar Elemental Springs. With your abilities now active and enjoying increased recovery, hit another enemy with your charged Grapplehammer.

This gives you the effect “Radiant” to cause even more damage to your opponents. What’s especially handy is that through the synergy of your skills and mods, you can fire the Tommy’s entire magazine without worrying about the negative burn effect.

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Moving on to the explosive Warlock and his Graviton Lance on the next page.