After father’s death: developers tease Batman’s son for Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights: Batman is and will remain dead according to the developers!  (1)

It has already been confirmed several times that Batman will appear in action role-playing games Gotham Knightswhich am October 25, 2022 to come onto the market will be dead. Finally, the Dark Knight’s death is themed for the first ten minutes of the game, at least according to the developers. But according to the latest statements made during the San Diego Comic Con were made could be Son play a relatively important role in the title. Damian Wayne, the son of the character who died in the game, was the fourth Robin in the Batman universe.

Four Robins, three playable characters

The previous three, Tim Drake as Robin, Red Hood and Nightwing, are all already present in Gotham Knights as playable characters. When asked if we would see Batman’s son in Gotham Knights, Patrick Wedding, the game’s creative director, replied: “It’s hard for me to answer this question without giving a massive spoiler. There are clear reasons Damian hasn’t shown up yet.”

In addition to the speculation surrounding Batman and his son, there were numerous other characters speculated about appearing in the game at San Diego Comic Con. For example, the has already been excluded joker. If Harley Quinn However, the developers left it open if it would appear in the game.

What is Gotham Knights?

At Gotham Knights (buy now €74.99 /€53.99 ) is an action role-playing game from Warner Brothers Montreal, which advertises the playable characters Robin, Red Hood, Batgirl and Nightwing. In addition to a single-player campaign, DC fans can expect a multiplayer mode in which 2 players can explore Gotham at the same time.

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