Autism diagnosis – Jean Pierre is now responding on Instagram

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Of: David Maciejewski

JP Kraemer uploaded a new video on his YouTube channel. It addresses his autism spectrum disorder. This causes inappropriate reactions.

Dortmund – who JP Kraemer (41) and has been following his career for some time, he has already seen some emotional videos on his YouTube channel with the web video producer. The new video from Friday (July 15) is probably the most emotional – Jean Pierre himself does not even appear in it.

Surname Jean-Pierre Kraemer
Born September 12, 1980 (age 41), Plettenberg
subscribers 2.1 million (JP Performance)

JP Kraemer reveals his autism spectrum disorder to fans in a new video

Just a few months ago, the 41-year-old reported in a video “JP Performance” of his recurrent depression. Now the next big and emotional explanation about the car enthusiast from Dortmund followed. Instead of JP, however, his long-time companion Fabian Kubik (31) can be seen together with an initially stranger.

She later introduces herself as Björn Ruschinzik, who works as a psychologist in a practice for autism promotion in Bochum. He also explains that he works with JP Kraemer because of an autism spectrum disorder. Jean Pierre himself did not want to be in the video because it was all very new to him and he wanted to process it first. Nevertheless, he wanted to enlighten his followers, without whom his success would not have been possible, reports RUHR24.

What is autism?

The Federal Association for the Promotion of People with Autism explains the disorder on its website. In a nutshell it says:

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“Autism is a complex and multifaceted neurodevelopmental disorder. Autism and autism spectrum disorders are also often referred to as information and perceptual processing disorders that affect the development of social interaction, communication and behavioral repertoires.”

JP Kraemer wants to educate fans about autism spectrum disorder

The desire to get his fans on board is also due to the fact that JP Kraemer has “a very high degree of perfectionism”. This was also influenced by the autism, explained the therapist. He also revealed that Jean Pierre’s way of thinking was also shaped by his disorder. “Thinking outside the norm” is meanwhile “not at all tangible for him.”

This was further elaborated with an example dealing with the description of feelings and emotions. This is difficult for JP – for example, he cannot clearly explain joy when he feels it. Fabian added at this point that Kraemer is currently questioning whether his feelings are something he has learned over the years or is natural (more News about Celebrity & TV on RUHR24).

JP Kraemer has an autism spectrum disorder: fan meetings are difficult for him

Another example that Fabian and Björn mentioned in the video is spontaneous encounters with fans. This overwhelms JP Kraemer, caused by his autism spectrum disorder. At such a moment he was in a “dilemma” because on the one hand he wanted to do justice to his supporters, on the other hand he could “hardly stand the situation” “for many different reasons”.

Based on these and many other examples, the video, which is around 49 minutes long in total, explains again and again how wide-ranging and different from person to person an autism spectrum disorder can be. As a fan, you also get to know JP Kraemer in a different and better way in this clip.

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JP Kraemer reacts to the video on the autism spectrum disorder via Insta-Story

JP Kraemer also commented personally on the video in his Insta story on Saturday (July 16). He doesn’t feel good with “the video on the one hand, but on the other hand” he feels “okay”. This is apparently also related to the feedback he received. “Positive news” was there, but also reactions that “were inappropriate”.

He was probably referring to Fabian’s request, who asked in the beginning of the YouTube video not to contact JP personally because of the difficult topic. Apparently there has been a lot of feedback, even beyond the comments.