Fortnite suffers from massive bugs – loot glitches and missing cars

Black bugs above screenshot from Fortnite gameplay trailer

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Of: Joost Rademacher

Bigger and smaller bugs keep popping up in Fortnite. Since the release of update 21.30, bugged treasure chests and disappearing cars have been causing problems.

Cary, North Carolina – As popular as Fortnite is, sometimes the sheer size of the battle royale leads to a few hiccups. Almost every week Epic Games releases a new update and delivers new content, but there are often a few blunders hidden in the patches. So now also with patch 21.30. Ever since the latest update rolled out to Fortnite, there have been reports and videos of new bugs that are now popping up in the game.

Fortnite: Teleporting loot and disappearing cars frustrate players in Battle Royale

What are these bugs? In Fortnite, players can experience unpleasant surprises when they are looking for loot. A common bug is causing treasure chests not to work as intended. If you are currently trying to loot a treasure chest, the items may not spawn on or in front of the chest. Instead, they appear a few meters away or sometimes in the next room. Should you ever need a weapon particularly urgently, this bug can become a real frustration factor.

There is a similar problem with vehicles in Fortnite at the moment. If you are traveling in a car and get out, an error may occur upon exiting that will simply delete your car. So instead of being able to use the car as a temporary cover for a battle, you could be completely defenseless just because a bug makes your car disappear completely. You can see both of these bugs and more in a video by GKI documenting the bugs for YouTube:

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Since when do these errors appear in Fortnite? Errors of this kind are not very old. Problems and bugs with loot and vehicles have only increased since the release of Fortnite Update 21.30. The release of the last patch came on July 18th, which also marked the start of the No Sweat Summer event. So the bugs are not very old and could soon be fixed by Epic Games.

Fortnite: Hope for quick hotfix – game keeps suffering from sudden bugs

When can a hotfix be expected? So far, Epic Games has not yet announced a hotfix for Fortnite’s current patch. If the current bugs in the game are known to the developer studio from Cary, North Carolina, the next patch could not be long in coming. Epic is currently delivering larger content patches about every two weeks, but now and then hotfixes also come between these larger updates. With a bit of luck, the very prominent bugs will be fixed this week.

Fortnite suffers from massive bugs – loot glitches and missing cars © Epic Games/Pixabay (montage)

Does Fortnite often have problems with bugs? Fortnite is by far not an unplayable or buggy game, it is generally quite stable. Bigger and smaller bugs, like currently with the loot and vehicles, creep in again and again. For example, Fortnite’s Zero Build mode became virtually unplayable due to a bug. However, the popular game mode could soon have problems again, because the dreaded Fortnite UFOs will soon appear in Null Bauen and could cause real chaos there.