Freezer, chest freezer and Co.: 5 freezers for every need


A small supply never hurts: Chest freezers and freezers are super practical for storing food carefully for a long time. Fresh food can also be frozen and then thawed and consumed as needed. We introduce you to five different devices.

What types of freezers are there?

Aside from the freezer compartments in many refrigerators, chest freezers and freezers exist as separate devices. A chest freezer can be opened upwards, while the freezer is designed like a classic refrigerator. In addition, the devices differ in size, capacity and design. There are three basic types:

You can set up a free-standing freezer independently of the components of a fitted kitchen. On the other hand, built-in and built-under freezers can be integrated into the kitchen unit.

Particularly spacious: OK. OFZ 431 E

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The OK freezer offers plenty of space for frozen goods.

Image: © SATURN 2022

Model: free standing
Capacity: 168 liters
Energy efficiency class: E
Dimensions (width/height/depth): 545 x 1425 x 571 millimeters

That detached device from OK. is comparatively narrow and high, so it can also be placed in narrow spaces. The inexpensive freezer has a capacity of 168 liters and offers drawers and an additional freezer compartment. Thanks to an interchangeable door hinge, the door can be installed in such a way that it can be opened either to the right or to the left. This makes the freezer suitable for a wide variety of kitchen layouts. The device has energy efficiency class E.

OK. OFZ 431 E
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For fitted kitchens: Amica GS 15920 W

The Amica freezer is perfect for a single household.
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The Amica freezer is perfect for a single household.

Image: © Saturn 2021

Model: standing device
Capacity: 98 liters
Energy efficiency class: D
Dimensions (width/height/depth): 600 x 850 x 648 millimeters

Of the Freezer from Amica is a standing refrigerator with an annual power consumption of 134.64 kilowatt hours. The energy efficiency class of the device is accordingly D. The door stop can be variably adapted to the structure of the kitchen. The storage space is 98 liters, inside there are three compartments.

Amica GS 15920 W
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Particularly economical: Bomann GS 2196

BOMANN GS 2196 freezer
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Small and compact: The freezer from Bomann is particularly energy-efficient.

Image: © Saturn/Bomann 2020

Model: free standing
Capacity: 82 liters
Energy efficiency class: D
Dimensions (width/height/depth): 555 x 845 x 575 millimeters

Of the GS 2196 from Bomann is a particularly energy-saving freezer. The average energy consumption per year is only 94 kilowatt hours within the energy efficiency class D – that is significantly less than the other devices presented. The free-standing Bomann model has a capacity of 82 liters and three compartments to keep things tidy. The door hinge is variable, the temperature can be regulated individually.

Bomann GS 2196
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With quick freeze function: Gorenje FIU6092AW

gorenje freezer
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Wide built-under unit: the Gorenje freezer.

Image: © Saturn/Gorenje 2020

Model: undercounter unit
Capacity: 86 liters
Energy efficiency class: E
Dimensions (width/height/depth): 596 x 820 x 545 millimeters

Of the Gorenje freezer is a built-under unit with a capacity of 86 liters. The relatively wide device offers three compartments for storing food. The door stop can be variably adjusted, and a temperature display is installed at the base of the freezer. A special feature is the quick freeze function to freeze fresh food or cooked meals particularly quickly. In the event of a cooling failure, the maximum storage time is 17 hours. The device has efficiency class E.

Gorenje FIU6092AW
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Free-standing and efficient: Bauknecht GT 219 A3+

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If there is a lot of space available, a freezer is worthwhile.

Image: © Bauknecht 2022

Model: free standing
Capacity: 219 liters
Energy efficiency class: C
Dimensions (width/height/depth): 1180 x 916 x 698 millimeters

Of the Bauknecht GT 219 A3+ is a free-standing chest freezer in energy efficiency class A+++ (according to the old classification from A+++ to D) or C (according to the new classification from A to G). With a total capacity of just over 200 liters, a lot of groceries fit into the chest without taking up too much space. It is best to switch on the super freeze function if you want to freeze a lot of food later, this will work faster. With a push of a button you activate the child safety lock so that the little ones cannot change any settings.

Bauknecht GT 219 A3+
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How long does food keep in the freezer?

Meat, fish, vegetables, bread – frozen food does not last forever. As a rule of thumb, the more fat a food contains, the shorter you can store it.

  • Fish and meat: about three months
  • Vegetables: six to 12 months
  • Fruit: ten to 12 months
  • Bakery products: four to six months

If you freeze food, you should also pay attention to the temperature in the freezer. It should be at least -18 degrees.

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